“Prepaid packages offer better price”

Private tutoring offers a range of benefits. Learners will benefit from the fact that a tutor can customize the lessons depending on the needs and abilities of the students, meaning that learning efficiency will be maximised. A learner will receive better amount of time from a teacher and teachers can focus their attention fully on a student. You can choose your tuition hours and location at your convenience. We have a range of packages depending on your needs.

The bigger the package, the better the hourly rate!

“Pay as you go.”

Are you a post-paid customer? Our clients are always welcome to pay for lessons according to their tuition hours. Payment is due at the end of each month.

“Learn in groups for best price.”

We also offer reduced per-student rates for those who wish to learn in groups. You can learn together with your friends or if you don’t have partners and wish to learn in groups, you can simply register here and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

“Payment options”